Privacy Policy

According to the Information Technology Act of 2000, "intermediaries" are required to publish rules and regulations, privacy policies, and terms for using a website. These rules are primarily governed by Rule 3 (1) of the Information Technology (Intermediaries guidelines) Rules, 2011 and the Information Technology (Reasonable Security Practices and Procedures and Sensitive Personal Data or Information) Rules, 2011.

  • Your approval: You expressly agree and confirm that TuitionCart may collect, maintain, use, process, and disclose your personal and other information in accordance with this Privacy Policy by visiting and using ("our Website") on a regular basis.
  • Commitment: TuitionCart wants to safeguard the privacy of all visitors to its website, regardless of whether they have an TuitionCart account, as well as the privacy of any data they may occasionally offer to TuitionCart. No matter if you are a current or past registered user of our website, a casual visitor to our website, or both, we value and respect your right to privacy. We also take seriously our responsibility to protect your personal information. To learn more about the categories of personally identifiable information we gather and how we use this information, we invite you to read our privacy statement. Our website gathers basic personal data about you in order to identify you as a user and learn more about your needs in order to offer you high-quality services. You might be sent to third-party web domains by certain of our services. Any information you supply (if any) on such web sites may be handled by them in the ways described in their privacy policies. This Privacy Policy only applies to the information you share with us (as a registered user or a casual visitor), and we are not responsible for the protection of any information (if any) that you may share on such third-party web domains. We strongly advise you to read the privacy statement of every third-party website you visit carefully before using it and to exercise extreme caution when disclosing any personal information on such websites.

What kind of data does gather about you?

  • Individual Details: Tuitioncart requires you to register on our website by providing your name, email ID, personal phone number, password, location, and gender if you are a tutor, teacher, lecturer, instructor, or coaching institution ("Tuitioncart Professional"). The website also asks you, at your option, to upload a photo of yourself that can help potential clients recognize you more easily. Such details are made available on the Website as part of the 'search' results of the search functionality we created. Our website gathers information about you if you are a potential client wishing to connect with Tuitioncart professionals, including your name, email address, mobile number, location, and information about your personal interests. We only share your information with Tuitioncart Professionals with your permission in order to speed up communication between the parties. Additionally, our website may ask you to enter your bank account information through a secure Third Party Payment Gateway provider in order to complete some purchases. In rare situations where money needs to be transferred to you via NEFT to your bank account, we may gather your bank information. Such details are held in the strictest confidence. In addition, Tuitioncart gathers any other personal information you want to share with us, such as opinions you volunteer to express in our forums or on other sites you access or visit on our website.
    Since this information is in the public domain, it is accessible to all users and visitors of our website. In this regard, you are encouraged to use caution when disclosing such information, since it may be open to abuse and is simple to misappropriate. In this regard, tuitioncart expressly disclaims any liability or claim that may result from the use or misuse of the information you share with third parties or parties that are not affiliated with Tuitioncart.
    You must login with your email address and password in order for to recognize you as a registered member. You will have the opportunity to tell the website to remember you when you log in, saving you the trouble of having to remember your email and password the next time you visit. Tuitioncart never divulges your email address or password to anyone inside or outside of
    All other information that you share with Tuitioncart through written correspondence, email responses, feedback you provide, participation in debates, etc. will be considered confidential, will belong to Tuitioncart, and will only be used by Tuitioncart. No information about you is gathered by our website unless you knowingly and specifically supply it. Except as provided herein or if we obtain your express approval, Tuitioncart DOES NOT TRADE OR SELL YOUR INFORMATION.
  • Information That Is Not Personal: During your visit to our website, Tuitioncart may also collect additional information from you, including your IP address, operating system, browser type, and URL of the previous website you visited ("Non-personal Information"). You cannot easily be individually identified with this information. We use non-personal information for a variety of reasons, such as but not limited to: troubleshooting connection issues, administering the Website, analysing trends, gathering demographic data, determining how visitors use our website, including data relating to the frequency of visits to our web site, average length of visits, pages viewed during a visit, ensuring compliance with the applicable law, cooperating with law enforcement activities, etc.
    The performance and content of the website are enhanced using this data. You also agree that Tuitioncart may collect usage information from your use of our website in order to assess how you use our goods and services, enhance those goods and services, enhance the information on our website, and make sure you are abiding by the terms of any applicable agreements between you and Tuitioncart. Aggregation of the statistics and data gathered is optional. There is nothing in these statistics that can specifically identify you.
    Cookies allow Web servers to recognize your computer each time you visit our Website, including the date and time of visits, the pages viewed, the amount of time spent at our Website, and the Websites visited immediately before and immediately after our Website. They also allow us to verify your registration or password information (for registered users) during a particular session so you don't have to enter it more than once as you navigate the site, and they can suggest goods or services that may interest you.
    In the future, we might also provide this information to third-party service providers or third-party marketers in order to assess the general success of our online content, programming, and advertising.
  • Cookies: Our Website uses "Cookies" and Web server logs, much like other commercial web sites, to gather information about how users interact with it. Your browser stores tiny data files called cookies on the hard drive of your computer. Cookies cannot run applications on your computer, spread viruses, or gather personal information because only the server that placed them can see them.
    Cookies allow Web servers to recognize your computer each time you visit our Website, including the date and time of visits, the pages viewed, the amount of time spent at our Website, and the Websites visited immediately before and immediately after our Website. They also allow us to verify your registration or password information (for registered users) during a particular session so you don't have to enter it more than once as you navigate the site, and they can suggest goods or services that may interest you. This data is gathered in an aggregated manner. None of this information relates to you specifically.
    Most web browsers accept cookies by default. You may manage how and whether cookies are accepted by your browser by modifying the settings on your web browser or using specific software applications. Tuitioncart is aware of your right to restrict any undesirable Internet activity, including that of dubious websites, and we fully support it. However, disabling Tuitioncart cookies may deactivate some features on our website and may prevent you from using some services we offer.
  • Sessions Data: We automatically record anonymous, unrelated "session data"—or information about your computer's Internet connection—that is not linked to any personally identifiable information. Session data includes details on your activities on our website, as well as your IP address, operating system, and type of browser software. An IP address is a numeric identifier that tells machines connected to the Internet, like our web servers, where to transmit data back to the user, including the website pages the user wants to view. We gather session data because it enables us to analyze factors such as the content visitors are most likely to click on, their preferred methods of clicking on our website, the quantity of visitors who navigate to different pages, their time spent on our website, and their frequency of visits. Additionally, it makes it possible for us to better operate our systems and diagnose issues with our servers. Although such information does not personally identify any visitor, it is feasible to identify a visitor's Internet Service Provider (ISP) and the general location of their point of connectivity from their IP address.
    Other On occasion, we might improve or add to the goods and services we already offer on our website. We will use the information you submit in this regard to facilitate the requested products or services, to the extent that these products or services are provided to and utilized by you. For instance, if you send us an email with a query, we'll utilize your email address, name, the specifics of your question, etc. to respond. To help us improve and simplify the user experience of the website, we may also store and publish such information.
  • Promotional Efforts: Tuitioncart presence on social networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google Plus, and others is just a promotional move to encourage registrations and involvement of potential consumers situated throughout the nation. The domain links therein might either lead you to our website or ask for your participation in the form of comments and ideas. In this regard, UrbanPro expressly disclaims any liability or claim that may result from a third party's use or misuse of your comments, recommendations, opinions, etc. on any of the aforementioned networking websites or blogs, whether or not the third party is known to Tuitioncart.
How is my personal information protected by Tuitioncart?

Your privacy and the confidentiality of your personal information are important to Tuitioncart. Our Website takes commercially reasonable precautions and follows generally accepted industry standards to safeguard any personal information Tuitioncart collects from you. Except as otherwise indicated above, only Tuitioncart employees and those approved third parties who may host your data on our behalf or who may help us provide the products and services you have requested will have access to your personal information. Tuitioncart makes every effort to maintain the physical, technological, and procedural precautions necessary to guard against the loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access, or exposure of your information.

Does Tuitioncart protect the content that its users post?

It is possible for other users (registered or unregistered), including strangers, to view the content that you save, post, or transmit on or through our website, including forum postings, your profile page, and the photographs you upload. Making such content available to the public serves two purposes: to improve your overall experience and to give you access to a platform where people may connect and engage in one-on-one communication. However, the information/pictures you upload or publish on our website could be abused by someone you don't know. In this regard, UrbanPro expressly disclaims any liability or claim that may result from a third party's or an unknown party's use or abuse of the content. We advise you to take caution and care while communicating with other users and to only divulge your information to persons you are confident are reliable. The privacy of your content cannot be taken for granted.

What does Tuitioncart do with the data it gathers?

To support your engagement with us and to provide you our services and goods, we may use your information ourselves or with approved third parties or service partners. By providing Tuitioncart with your personal information, you fully accept and agree to allow UrbanPro to use and treat the information as it sees fit. This could entail gathering data, performing research based on customer reviews of deals, giving your information to outside experts in order to outsource services that Tuitioncart is providing to you, etc.

Are demo classes and calls recorded?

The Tuitioncart Partnership program records phone calls that happen between students and tutors. Such recordings are made and preserved for auditing purposes to make sure tutors are abiding by the platform's rules and any related policies.

Even trial lessons will be videotaped for auditing reasons to make sure tutors are abiding by the rules and regulations of the Tuitioncart Partnership program. The same applies to regular online class sessions; they will also be recorded.

There will be no sharing of recordings with unauthorized people or third parties. They will only be utilized internally.

What security measures have been put in place to guard against the loss, unauthorized use, or alteration of your information?

Every effort is made by Tuitioncart to protect the privacy and confidentiality of the information you share with us. In accordance with the applicable legislation, we put in place conventional safeguards to prevent unauthorized access to and unlawful interception of your personal information. However, no website on the internet can completely eradicate security problems.

When required or permitted by law and we have a good faith conviction that disclosure of the information acquired from you is necessary or permitted, we retain the right to do so without your knowledge (explicit or implied) and without incurring any obligations to you.

(i) such action is necessary to abide by an appropriate law enforcement investigation, ongoing legal proceedings, a court order, or legal process served on us; (ii) such action is essential to abide by legal requirements, compliance with applicable laws, and any relevant reporting to administrative and judicial authorities.

(iv) person(s) or company(ies) who share certain responsibilities/obligations of Tuitioncart. (ii) person(s) or company(ies) who provide certain support services to us. (iii) person(s) or company(ies) who safeguard and defend the rights or property of the website owners of Tuitioncart, or the users of Tuitioncart.

Deleting your Personal Information and closing your Account

You can easily close your account using your account settings if you no longer want to use our Services. We will erase your name and other identifiable information from our publicly searchable database if you close your Tuitioncart account and decide to delete all of your data. For legitimate business reasons, such as the analysis of aggregated, de-identified information, account recovery, auditing our records, upholding our rights and obligations under our agreements, or if required by law, we may keep your information if we believe it may be necessary to stop fraud or future abuse. If necessary, Tuitioncart may also keep and utilize your information to provide the Services to other parties.

Messages you send through Tuitioncart to other Users may still be visible to others after you have closed your account, similar to how an email you send to someone through an email service provider remains in that person's inbox even after you delete it from your sent files or close your account. The same may be true of other data that you have shared with others or that they have copied. In relation to the deletion or retention (according to the restrictions above) of information, or any obligation not to delete the information, Tuitioncart disclaims any liability. Tuitioncart has no control over how often search engines update their indexes or caches, which may still contain some profiles or other data that has already been removed from Tuitioncart

How does Tuitioncart address the privacy of children?

The visitor must be at least 18 years old in order to access this site with our consent, according to Tuitioncart. You must not register on our website or take any other action that would give us reason to assume you are older than 18 if you are underage. Please email us at support@ if you are the parent or legal guardian of a minor who you suspect has shared personal information with us so that we may take immediate action to erase that information.

I still have concerns about the privacy policy.

Please email us at if you have any questions concerning this Privacy Policy, the procedures employed by this website, or your interactions with this website.

Will Tuitioncart ever alter its privacy practices?

This policy outlines the broad principles Tuitioncart will use to safeguard your personal data. However, Tuitioncart may provide you with privacy policies or statements that replace or augment this policy in connection with particular goods or services. The terms and conditions of this policy may occasionally change without your (express or implied) consent to reflect modifications to our procedures for collecting and using your personal information. Unless otherwise stated, the updated policy shall take effect as soon as it is posted on our website.

The name and contact information for the grievance officer, who can be contacted regarding any complaints or concerns, including those pertaining to a violation of Tuitioncart’s Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and other policies or questions, are published as follows in accordance with the Information Technology Act 2000 and rules made thereunder:

M Ponana is the grievance officer; email:
On weekdays (excluding holidays) from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, you can reach the office.